The Somali Football Federation strated the rehabilitation of the football stadiums in Mogdisho

This is a sign revealing the new change in the Somali Football Federation to which new members elected to lead on May 2006 after the Federation encountered long lasted difficulties.

The new leadership of the Somali Football Federation started to open new page for the Federation and at the same time is planning to make considerable changes in what caused the former management to have failed. It is for the first time that the Federation embarked on to act on the problems suffered by the football stadiums in the Capital of Somalia, while this is a part of the development of the Somali Football.

Benadir Football Stadium is the oldest of all the stadiums in Somalia and its building is seemingly not reliable, while most of parties of the premises might pose danger the spectators, because the buildings faced massive destruction.

In spite of the playing field, there is massive destruction in the seating for the spectators, and this necessitated the authorities of the Football Federation headed by Muhyadin Hassan Ali (Darbaweyne) to pay personally for the cost of rehabilitating the Stadium.

It is too difficult for a player to control properly a ball passed to him by a teammate or he received by means of drift, because the playing field is not smooth, the Coach of the Somali National Football Team Abdi-Kus, who played in Benadir Stadium for the first time in 1960, said.

One of the former Somali football players with whom I met told me that the last time in which the stadium premises and the playing field rehabilitated was 1977, the reported of, Nuradin, said .

As the photos we took of Benadir Stadium reveal considerable tasks being carried out there, which necessitate the Federation to be assisted in them.

Shortly after the rehabilitation task started in the stadium, German and Swiss journalists paid a visit there and met with the Chairman of the Somali Football Federation.

Mr. Darbaweyne appealed to the Somali business people and the Somali Diasporas in Europe, US, Canada, Arab countries and in other parties in the world to contribute to the rehabilitation of the Somali sports, particularly the stadiums and players’ clothing items.

The international community will assist you when they see your performance, Muhyadin Hassan Ali (Darbaweyne) said while speaking to Midnimo .com.

The Stadium needs for large buildings such a well, accommodations for the players when they are in training for forthcoming competitions, toilets, offices and seating for the spectators.

The most important party of the Stadium is the playing field and there is a need for a well and an underground shower that sprays onto the pitch, because the ground needs to be watered always.

It is expected the Chairman of the Somali Football Federation to hold a press conference in the near future, and to give details about the reconstruction plan for the various football stadiums.

Nuuradin Macalin Mukhtaar (Dinow)








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